Circulating Tumor Cells Detection and Characterization

BioView’s scanning platforms automate the imaging, detection and analysis of rare and circulating tumor cells.
The scanning solutions are designed to accommodate both the need for CTC enumeration and retrieval of cellular and signal characteristics of captured cells.
BioView’s scanning platforms incorporate field-proven algorithms developed and perfected in collaboration with leading cancer research centers worldwide.
BioView’s automated imaging and analysis platforms provide ideal solutions for both clinical and research laboratories who wish to enhance their productivity and assay development processes.

제품 기본설명

    High Throughput
  • Combination of best of class optics and unique imaging algorithms specifically tailored to facilitate rapid 3D capture of all cells within the sample.
  • Targeted Imaging
  • Support multiple automated imaging and analysis of same cells consecutively hybridized with different markers.
  • Elaborate Set of Agorithmic Tools for Advanced Analysis
  • Cellular and signal attributes such as area, roundness, elongation, intensity etc. are automatically measured and presented to operator per captured cell. Cellular and signal attributes information can greatly assist in assay development and analysis and can be seamlessly exported to Excel spread sheet.
  • Automated CTC Detection
  • Detection of CTCs according to assay specific markers. As scan progresses system sorts cells per their signal content. Fully adjustable cell morphology and signal attributes gating criteria for positive event detection. BioView’s advanced imaging and analysis algorithms ensure high sensitivity scanning for the detection of rare positive events present in sample without sacrificing specificity.
  • BioView CCBS’s CTC Imaging and Analysis Solution:
  • - Automatically captures and detects all CTC’s
    - Eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual searches
    - Validate and report results at any time and location of your choice