Spotlight 59 panel


Spotlight 59™ Oncology Panel
: Ultra-sensitive somatic mutation detection from liquid biopsy samples

Cancer-PRIME™의 DNA Panel KIT는 클리노믹스가 자체적으로 개발한 sequencing panel kit로 amplification 방식으로 target gene 부분을 enrichment하여 rare allele frequency로 sequencing이 가능합니다.
ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA), cfDNA (cell-free DNA), FFPE 샘플 등이 1~10ng의 극소량만 있어도 sequencing이 가능한 kit입니다. 51개의 actionable gene을 1% LOD (Limit of Detection)로 유전변이 검출이 가능합니다.

제품 기본설명

  • Detection to <0.05% allele frequency
  • Average specificity >99.999%
  • Covers 59 oncogenes with thousands of COSMIC mutations
  • Ready-to-sequence libraries in just 2 hours
  • Starting input quantities as low as 200 cells (including background cells), or 20 ng DNA
  • Average amplicon size of 140 bp for compatibility with cfDNA and FFPE
  • No molecular barcodes (unique molecular IDs) required; increases sensitivity, reduces bias and assay complexity
  • ERASE-Seq data analysis included with kit purchase
  • Custom panels available