Clinomics is a leading company in precision medicine
for genome-based life, medical, and health care.

Clinomics is committed to improve the future of mankind and the value of life with our researchers and technology.

Liquid biopsy

Able to detect cancer early as well as
precise diagnosis and management through
convenient blood test.
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Personal genome

Clinomics analyzes your genome based
on Multi-Omics Big Data and
bioinformatics technology and
provides customized health information to help
prevent diseases and aging.
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Precision medicine

Simultaneously analyzing the mutation
of cancer-actionable genes and targeting gene mutation
Tumor genetic analysis using Next-Generation
Sequencing provides the best treatment and
medication for the
individualized patient.
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Big Data

We provide optimized infrastructural solutions
(Hardware, Software, BioOS)
to process genomic Big Data at
high speed and we are creating
a revolution in genomic technology
with cutting-edge technology including AI.
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